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Ceramic spray sealant coating, infused with ceramic hydrophobic properties SiO2, more than just protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays and harmful elements on roads and in the air such as break dust, rail dust, airplane fallout and pollution, it also gives an incredible candy-like shine, enhances the richness and depth of any color, so your car is not only protected with the power of ceramic, but shines with a deeper and darker beautiful candy finish!

We use commercial grade chemicals to remove and degrease the entire engine bay. We then pressure wash the engine, including bay area and  underside of bonnet.

After wash, we use high pressure compressed air to remove all surplus water and the engine compartment is then dried.

Finally we finish by applying  engine dressing to protect the electrics and give that “like new” look.

We now offer repairs for bumper scuffs and splits, as well as scratches and minor car body damages.

Minor damage, such a bumper scuff can be repaired cosmetically to a very high standard at a  fraction of the price.

Our friendly paint technician uses the latest water based paint colour system to match the paint of your car and then polishes it to achieve as close to the factory finish, as possible.

Detail Autos offers a comprehensive Paint Correction service that results in a finish like a new car. Read below to learn more about this service.

What's the difference between a Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Paint Correction and Enhancement?

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