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We want to ensure that we get the best cars at the best prices and when you pick the car up, it feels not just like a new car to you, but a new car!


We have cars for every budget, we'll be adding new cars every week and generally we only show a limited amount of what's available.


We are thrilled to once again be WINNERS of Auto Trader Annual Awards pack. Awarded only to those with CONSISTENT EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ratings. We pride ourselves in making the motor trade what it should be, a great experience!


Our aim is to welcome you back in the safest way possible. We have taken all measures to safeguard your health and ours. We have introduced contactless viewing: with a pair of single-use gloves, you can view the car that will be disinfected prior to your visit. We recommend booking appointments so we make sure we are not overcrowded. We have hand sanitisers for you to use, so all we ask you t [...]


Frequently Asked Questions
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OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE We are a family run second-hand car dealership based in Staines, wishing to offer a five-star service for a car buying experience. It is our pledge to our customers to be there for them and make the experience of buying a car stress-free and exciting. We pride ourselves with good customer relations and the best possible aftercare. All our cars come from trusted sources, they all undergo thorough checks and are prepared to a very high standard. We aim to make cars look their best and pay attention to every detail before presenting them. From first time small cars, through family car, to prestige car - we make sure that they are all sold in very good condition and look and drive almost like new. Through our dealer network, we have access to cars to fit all budgets and desires. If there is a specific car that you want, there is a very good chance that we will be able to source it for you. We offer showroom facilities including part exchange, finance facilities and extended warranty at competitive prices. We are located conveniently close to Heathrow airport and the main train station, so – if you wish – we can collect you – whether from the station or airport. Our stock changes every week, so [...]

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That being said, we will give you an amazing deal for the trouble.
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